The Kids Zone teaches kids about money the way they learn best: by doing and playing.

Through fun activities, interactive exhibits and FREE classes, children can pick up basic and advanced concepts - from how to make change to understanding monetary systems. The exhibits teach children about history, geography, trade, art, world cultures and more.

Can you match the State Quarter to its state? Guess whether or not salt was once used as money? How about name the different parts of a coin? Visit the Kids Zone at the Money Museum to find out.

You'll also explore the world's coinage and take home your very own world coin, play games like Bingo and Monopoly, design a coin to display for everyone to see, or just relax and read a story.

Kids Zone classes

The Money Museum offers free monthly classes in the Kids Zone for children ages 4-12. Through fun activities children can learn basic and advanced concepts such as making change, how money is manufactured, understanding monetary systems and more. Children will enjoy learning about history, geography, economics, world cultures, art - even language arts, as well as math and science, by participating in our Kids Zone activities on every 3rd Saturday of the month (except September, when it's the fourth Saturday).

Sept. 27: How Coins Are Made

Oct. 18: History In Your Hand

Nov. 15: Economics

Classes for children ages 4-7 are held from 10:30 a.m. to noon. Classes for children ages 8-12 are held from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Questions? Contact Sam Gelberd, numismatic instructor, at Sgelberd@money.org or call (719) 632-2646.

Please note: Classes will not be held in June and December, 2014

Kids Zone Schedule
Sept. 27: How Coins Are Made
In just one minute, the U.S. Mint can make 750 coins. That's nearly 13 coins every second! This class will teach you how we make coins.
Oct. 18: History In Your Hand
Coins cannot talk to us (literally.)But old money does have some amazing stories to tell us! You will create a coin's story based on what you think, know and can observe - Where has it been? What was it used to buy? Who else has held it? What is its future? (Prizes available for great stories) 
Nov. 15: Economics
What if you had to buy your groceries with shoes? Or buy your shoes with a chicken? Learn about some of the monetary systems used throughout history and how they are different or the same as what we are used to in the USA.